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Nancy Kleinrock
Paul Chenery

2010 Series Champions

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Fleet Feet Sports Rochester - Presenting sponsor of the Runner of the Year award since 2006


The top scoring male and female in the Western New York Ultra Series are named Series Champions.  Remarkably this year both Champions come from our oldest age category.  Our Champions will receive, from Fleet Feet Sports Rochester, a custom-embroidered technical jacket in celebration of their accomplishments.

Nancy Kleinrock
In years past Nancy Kleinrock (age 50, Trumansburg) has won or placed highly in one or two Series races but, until this year, had not run the three races it takes to contend for an age group win, much less take the Series Championship.  Turning 50 didn't slow her down as she placed highly and set age group records in three Series races.
Paul Chenery
Paul Chenery (age 53, Toronto, ON) managed to fit three Series races into a year focused on two 24 hour championship races.  While he did not win any of the Series races, he did finish close enough to the winners (2nd, 5th and 6th) to score the most points for the year and become our 2010 Series Champion.

May 29 - Highland Forest 1 2 3 Trail Run

Undeterred by a warm day and tall grass crowding the trail, Kleinrock ran even splits, completing the 30 miles and 4140 feet of climbing in 4:52:07 for 3rd overall, 1st woman and a new record for women 50+.  The course covers 30 miles with 4140 feet of climbing.

April 25 - BPAC 6 Hour Distance Classic

A member of the Canadian 24-Hour Team, Chenery used the BPAC 6 Hour for a final tune-up two weeks before the IAU 24 Hour World Championship in Brive, France.  His controlled run of 41.278 miles in six wet and windy hours was good for 2nd overall and 1st in 50+ age group.

July 3 - Finger Lakes Fifties - 50K


Kleinrock put on super effort at her home race.  Over the new and longer 50K course (32.9 miles) with the largest field ever, she just missed the race win, finishing only 33 seconds behind an outstanding 30-year old.  Kleinrock finished 5th overall and 2nd woman in 5:02:23. 

Her time is now the Masters record for the new course.  Coincidentally, Kleinrock also held previous Masters record (4:52:38 set in 2007 on the old 31.22 mile course).  Notably, her new record on the longer course is about 10 seconds per mile faster!

August 20 - Green Lakes Endurance Runs - 100K

Chenery had an outstanding race in the longest event in the Series.  He placed 5th overall in the 100k.  His time of 9:57:51 was the 6th best time run on the current course.

August 20 - Green Lakes Endurance Runs - 50K

Three weeks after a hard USA 50 Mile Trail Championship (more below), Kleinrock ran in the very competitive Green Lakes 50K, finishing 20th overall and 5th woman in 4:32:57.  Her time is now the record for 50+ women.

October 9 - Can Lake 50 Ultras - 50 Miles

Two weeks after winning the Canadian 24 Hour Championship, Chenery finished 6th overall in the largest field ever to run 50 miles around Canandaigua Lake.  His 7:33:25 finish was the 4th best 50+ time in race history.

Beyond the Series

The Directors of the Western New York Ultra Series are pleased to see that our Champions performed so well in other venues.

July 31 - White River 50 Mile Endurance Run

Kleinrock goal race for the year was a big one.  The White River race has been the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championship since 2001 and consistently attracts the top trail runners in the country to run up and down mountain trails in the shadow of Mount Rainier.

In her first foray into the unique world of western mountain ultras, Kleinrock had an outstanding race, finishing 45th overall and 7th woman.  Her 9:13:13 time set the race age group record for women 50-59.  And, of course, Kleinrock won a gold USATF National Championship medal for her age group win.

Following the race, Kleinrock said, "One thing I learned at White River is that our region really can't prepare a runner for a mountain ultra, even if it isn't at altitude.  White River doesn't get much over 6000' and has a moderate (~9000') elevation gain, but it has two long climbs of 6-8 miles.  There's nothing sustained like that around here to practice on."

June 3 - Ithaca Festival Mile

At another extreme, five days after winning at Highland Forest, Kleinrock set her all-time mile PR on the roads with a 5:47 in the Ithaca Festival Mile.  Not bad for a recovery run.

May 13-14 IAU 24 Hour World Championship

Seventeen days after the BPAC 6 Hour, Chenery lined up as a member of the Canadian Team at the IAU 24 Hour World Championship in Brive, France. 

The 24 Hour is a tough race, one that doesn't always go as planned.  Chenery's total of 108.4 miles was good for 150th overall among 229 finishers.


September 25 - Canadian 24-Hour Championship

A far better indication of Chenery's capabilities in the 24 Hour came four months later at the Canadian 24-Hour Championship in Ottawa.  On the 400-meter indoor tartan track at Louis Riel Dome, Chenery finished 1st overall with 133.2 miles and broke the Canadian age group record for men 50 - 54. 

Notably, Chenery also won the Sy Mah award for the most evenly paced 100 mile split (17 hours 16 minutes) in this 24 hour event. The difference between his first 50 miles and second 50 miles was only 1 minute and 39 seconds.

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