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Nancy Kleinrock
Daven Oskvig

2012 Series Champions

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Fleet Feet Sports Rochester - Presenting sponsor of the Runner of the Year award since 2006


The top scoring male and female in the Western New York Ultra Series are named Series Champions.  Both Champions are repeat winners this year.  Our Champions will receive, from Fleet Feet Sports Rochester, a custom-embroidered technical garment in celebration of their accomplishments.

Nancy Kleinrock

Nancy Kleinrock (age 52, Trumansburg) won in 2012 by coming from behind to overtake her younger competition.  She didn't take first place in the Championship until the final race in the Series.  Nancy didn't take the lead in either of her winning races until after halfway.  Her races were characterized by smart pacing and a formidable finishing surge as can be seen in the photo from Highland Forest above.  

Daven Oskvig

Daven Oskvig (age 35, Amherst) dominated the 2012 Series with four uncontested victories (winning by over 3 miles at BPAC and by over 30 minutes in each of the other three races).  Daven took the lead early in his races and didn't slow down as can be seen above in his Highland Forest finish.  Daven set set course records in three races and missed by only 94 seconds at Highland Forest.    

May 26 - Highland Forest 1 2 3 - 30 Miles
5:11:35 1st Woman

Nancy Kleinrock trailed Heather Danielson by three minutes as they started the third 10-mile lap. Nancy put the hammer down, running her third lap almost four minutes faster than her second lap. Somewhere in that final lap, Nancy passed Heather and pulled ahead to lead by almost three minutes at the finish.  It was quite a remarkable performance coming only 6 days after Nancy finished second woman in the Dirty German 50 Mile.

April 29 - BPAC 6 Hour Distance Classic
47.283 miles - 1st Overall, Course Record

Daven Oskvig opened his Series Championship defense with a record-breaking distance for the Amherst course. After running right on record pace for 14 laps of the 3.25-mi course, Daven started his final lap 4 seconds behind the pace set by John Ehntholt (Glens Falls) in his 2009 record race and got the record only by running a faster final lap to increase the record by the slightest of margins, 0.05 miles.

June 30 - Finger Lakes Fifties - 50 Mile
9:03:10 - 3rd Woman

Nancy sets the pace on Lap 1


Nancy on Lap 3 with pacer Scotie Jacobs

Race day started warm at 67 degrees and got hot (89 degrees).  Remarkably a record 54 runners finished the 50 mile distance over the rocks, roots and lumpy meadows trails of the Finger Lakes National Forest.  Despite considerable suffering in the heat, Nancy finished third woman overall and broke the Masters Women record for the new course.

May 26 - Highland Forest 1 2 3 - 30 Miles
4:10:14 1st Overall

Daven Oskvig ran in third place through the first lap, only to discover that the runners ahead were in the 10-mile race.  He ran alone for the next 20 miles, winning by more than 30 minutes.  Daven's time in his first attempt at Highland Forest is the third best performance ever.

October 6 - Can Lake 50 Ultras - 50 Miles
6:19:08 1st Overall, Course Record

Daven Oskvig led from the start and took full advantage of the cool day to take over 15 minutes off John Ehntholt's 2010 course record. His Can Lake win clinched his repeat win of the Western New York Ultra Series Championship.

November 3 - Mendon Trail Runs - 50K
4:59:50 - 1st Woman

After the first three of five laps at the Mendon 50K, Nancy Kleinrock trailed Kristina Marquez by 46 seconds. Kristina slowed much more than Nancy on lap 4 and Nancy started the final lap with a 1:12 lead. Nancy fought successfully to stay on 5 hour pace with a final 1:02:21 lap to finish in 4:59:50. Nancy is the sixth woman to ever finish under 5 hours.

November 3 - Mendon Trail Runs - 50K
3:52:49 1st Overall, Course Record

Daven Oskvig had more than a hundred meters on the field by the turn off the road onto trail at 1 kilometer. By the first climb up Add-En-On Wall at 3 miles, he had at least a two minute lead and continued to extend that lead over all five hilly 10k laps. His finish time of 3:52:49 broke the 2008 Yassine Diboun record of 3:58:46. The photo above shows the cost of that effort.

Beyond the Series

The Directors of the Western New York Ultra Series are pleased to see that our Champions performed so well in other venues.

February 25 - Chabot Trail Run 50K
4:43:47 - 3rd Woman

On a trip to the Bay Area, Nancy Kleinrock ran the 50K at the Chabot Trail Run in Castro Valley.  She had little trouble with the 4200 feet of climb and finished 10th overall and third woman.

May 20 - Dirty German Endurance Fest 50 Mile
8:34:28 - 2nd Woman

Six short days before the Highland Forest 50K, Nancy Kleinrock ran the Dirty German 50 Mile in Pennypack Park in Philadelphia.  Nancy suffered in the heat to get her 7th overall place among 47 finishers.

Finger Lakes Trail Series
Stonehead and Pebblehead - 1st Woman

During the rest of 2012, Nancy Kleinrock did most of her racing close to home focusing on the Finger Lakes Trail Series, which includes two of the Western NY Ultra Series races.  Nancy tried for "Boulderhead" honors -- i.e., running the top mileage -- but missed one race due to an overseas business trip and ended up second female Boulderhead.  Nancy did win four of the eight series races that she ran, thereby garnering both the Stonehead (most series points) and Pebblehead (most points of three best races) titles.

September 2 - Monster Marathon
3:47:41 - 1st Woman

A major highlight of Nancy's successful Finger Lakes Trail Series was her women's win and second overall finish in the Monster Marathon.  Nancy's scratch time in this handicapped race was 4:45:41, astounding given that this is the toughest marathon around with 5500 feet of elevation gain in four climbs of Virgil Mountain.  This was Nancy's third win in this "honorary" ultra.

Not having seen enough of Virgil Mountain, three weeks later Nancy paced her friend and physical therapist Gerrit Van Loon for the final 50 miles of the Virgil Crest 100 miler.


On the service side, Nancy maintains the southern few miles of the Interloken Trail, a spur of the Finger Lakes Trail that extends through the Finger Lakes National Forest.  She also serves on the board of the Finger Lakes Runners Club as member-at-large, coeditor of the club's newsletter, and interfaces with the National Forest rangers regarding the functional details of the Finger Lakes 50s Trail Races.

Nancy's Closing Comment

Many thanks to Heather Danielson and Liz Brundige for keeping the women's side of the series competition exciting to the end and to Kristina Marquez for pulling me relentlessly along at Mendon Ponds.

March 17 - Rock 'N Roll USA Marathon
2:45:55 - 8th Overall

Daven Oskvig opened the year with a new marathon PR at the Rock 'N Roll USA Marathon in Washington D.C.  Certainly not up to full ultra training so early in the year, this race with family in the area has become how Daven kick-starts his running year.

July 21 - Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run

After his spring wins at BPAC and Highland Forest, Daven's focus for the next couple of months became the Vermont 100. Training went well and on race day Daven ran in the front pack through mile 50. Coming into Camp Ten Bear with the day taking its initial toll, he found out he had already lost 7 pounds and the sun and heat were just beginning.  By mile 64 he had run enough and dropped out. This first DNF was humbling. Was it the heat? Was it the training? Was it his hydration and nutrition plan?

August 18 - Beast of Burden 50 Mile
6:25:26 - 1st Overall

Three weeks later needing a moral boost, Daven entered the Summer Beast of Burden 50 mile race. He ran in the front through the day with heat and sun taking a toll.  Never-the-less, he came back from VT with a win and new course record at the Beast in 6:25:26.

September 22 - Mighty Niagara Half Marathon
1:14:20 - 2nd Overall

With a month-and-a-half until Can Lake, Daven returned to the roads. He jumped into a few local races to keep up the leg speed, a 15 km and then a half marathon two weeks out from Can Lake. The Mighty Niagara half marathon with no taper showed him to be in fit and fast shape with a fine 2nd place finish in 1:14:20.


When not working or running, Daven spends his time with family. He has the wonderful support of his wife Lianne and daughter Amelia. Daven's father, Roger, has also become a fixture at races serving as Daven's crew and helping out other runners whenever he can.

Daven continues to promote Ultrarunning in our region and encourage others to take the plunge. He also works with others to set running goals and make training plans to achieve them. And though formally he has not 'adopted' any specific trail, Daven can be found on all his runs with garbage in his hands as he cleans up along all the trails he runs.

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