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A Guide to Enjoying Porn Videos to the Most

Pornography has evolved from the printed format to the digital one. And this innovation owes significantly to the Internet, where we can now find abundant sources with all kinds of porn genre. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people still hold the conservative value regarding pornography. It has become a content that everyone accesses yet not talked about openly. Consequently, you may be among those people who have not known that there are ways to optimize the pleasure you get from watching porn.

Knowing the Genres

What is porn without genres? It is supposed to be the place where you can find your craziest fantasy about sex. And if you have been stuck with the default concept of sex, the time has come for you to ditch that and become more adventurous and wild.

Did you have a crush when you were young? If you are like most of the people, the answer will be yes. And the chances are that he/she was either from your family, neighborhood, or school. The good news from today’s porn is that the industry makes such a theme as one of the recurring ones. Even better, if you ever had a taboo desire to lose your virginity to a distant cousin with a particular ethnic physical trait, you can find plenty of them online.

Other genres are also available. Creampie means penetration that ends up with internal ejaculation.CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male, which is a thing for those who have the fetish. And among all of the confusing descriptions, you should know that the Yaoi term represents sexual activity between Asian men (mostly). By knowing which porn genre suits your mood, you can save your time and go directly to find the content you need without getting stranded with materials that can turn you off.

Using a Sex Toy

Sex toys and online porn are about to merge to be the ultimate self-pleasuring means. If you visit PornHub, you will see that the web has made some videos that are compatible with VR (Virtual Reality). Instead of playing your role as a third party, you can get immersed in the porn reality and fool all of your senses into believing that you are the main actor in the video.

Furthermore, the experience above can be amplified with VR-compatible sex toys. Please check to get the complete picture of how fun the combination of porn and sex toys can be.

Watching with a Partner

If you are into partnership, you should bring him/her along with you. Porn is not only for loners but also partners. In fact, you can try to participate in a live Ohmibod chat and masturbate together with a stranger/s of your choice without all the trouble that you can get if you do it in the real world. And in case you have just heard the word now, Ohmibod is a vibrator that vibrates according to the tips given by the paying participants.

However, if live chat is not your thing, then you can try to make love in front of a big screen that plays a porn video of you and your partner’s preference. It will be enough to give colors to your sex life.