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2012 Series Details
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Western New York Ultra Series:  2004-2012
After nine fun years the Western New York Ultra Series has retired.  Ultrarunning in the region will continue to grow.  When the series was started in 2004, there were only five events longer than the marathon in Western and Central New York.  That first year, only 70 runners finished one or more of the four races scored in the Series.  Since then participation in the existing races has doubled and tripled.  Six new events started since 2005 and all have grown quickly. 

Last year 376 runners finished at least one of the seven races scored in the 2012 Ultra Series.  But, only 37 of the 376 ran a second scoring race to qualify for awards... the second consecutive year less than 10% ran a second scoring race.  With the small number of runners actively contesting the series and the growth of ultrarunning beyond the six series events, it makes sense to retire the series and explore other ways to continue to grow our great sport in this region.

The basic rules of the series are published below as a part of the historical record of the Western New York Ultra Series, 2004-2012.

The purpose of the Western New York Ultra Series is to 1) build interest and participation in trail and road ultras and 2) recognize the top runners in the series races.

Relationship to Other Ultras
Series scoring will use the best performances of a runner in a small number of series races.  This is by design to discourage over-racing and to enable runners to pursue a series award and still be able to run other events. 

Runners are encouraged to participate in other ultra events in the region and are celebrated for representing Western New York as they participate in ultra races all around the country and the world.

Race Entry and Rules
Each race in the series is a separate and independent event. Each race director determines their own entry fees, race date, number of entries allowed, cut-off times, and other policies.

Automatic and Free Series Entry
Entry in any series event automatically registers the runner in the Western NY Ultra Series. There is no additional fee. A minimum of two series events must be finished to be eligible for awards.

Men: Open (39 & under), Masters (40-49), Veterans (50 & Over)
Women: Open (39 & under), Masters (40-49), Veterans (50 & Over)
Age for the series will be age on day of the last race run in the series.

Scoring System
Points will be awarded following completion of a series event. A runner must be listed as an official finisher in the results provided by the race director in order to score for that event.

All men will be scored based on the performance of the overall male winner; all women will be scored based on the performance of the overall female winner. The male and female winners will be awarded the maximum score of 100 points. Other finishers in each category are awarded points proportional their performance. The male or female winning time will be divided by the finisher's time and that decimal value will be multiplied by 100.  For the BPAC 6-hour event, the number of miles completed by the male and female winners will be used to calculate the points for each runner.

Distance points will be added to the runner's scores in the 50-mile and 100K events.  A finish of either 50-mile races will be awarded an additional 4 points.  A finish of the 100K race will be awarded 6 additional points.

For example, if the overall female winner completes a 50-mile race in 8:00 and the first veteran woman finishes in 10:00:  

The first overall woman is awarded (8/8 x 100) = 100 points + 4 distance points = 104 points.


The first veteran woman is awarded (8/10) x 100 = 80 points + 4 distance points = 84 points.

Series Standings
You are encouraged to run three or more races in the series. Series standings and award winners will be determined by the total cumulative points of the best three (3) races for each individual. Two races must be finished to be eligible for awards.

Standings will be posted on this web site shortly after each race in the series.

New Series Championships:  The top scoring male and female in the series will be named Series Champions.  The Series Champions will each receive a framed certificate and a commemorative merchandise award from Fleet Feet Sports Rochester.  In the event of a tie, Co-Champions will be named.

Age Group Awards:  The top 3 runners in each category will be mailed framed certificates and merchandise awards from Hammer Nutrition

Note:  There will be no duplication of awards, i.e., the runner with the next most points to the Series Champion will be awarded First Place in the age group.

Series Awards will be announced on this web site in November after the last race in the series.

Questions / Series Committee
For more information, contact Tom Perry, the 2012 Series Coordinator. Any questions and/or protests will be decided by the Series Committee. For 2012, the committee members are the Race Directors of each participating race: 

Susan Devlin - BPAC 6 Hour Distance Classic


Mark Driscoll - Highland Forest 1 2 3


Christine Reynolds - Finger Lakes Fifties


Tim Wunsch - Green Lakes Endurance Runs


Tom Perry - Can Lake 50 Ultras


Larry Zygo - Mendon Trail Runs

Fleet Feet Sports Rochester - Presenting sponsor of the Runner of the Year award since 2006

Hammer Nutrition - Sponsor since 2004


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