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How to Boost Sperm Production

Low sperm production is a problem most men face, which could result from several health and lifestyle issues. There are different ways you can manage this condition. You can use supplements to produce more semen or try various lifestyle changes. The quality of semen has nothing to do with the quantity. No, it is rather semen rich in sperm, therefore healthy. It is the quality of the sperm that we are talking about. If you can’t increase your sperm quantity, you can optimize your sperm production.

How to Improve the Quality of Sperm?

Good hygiene will be beneficial to the quality of the sperm, quite simply. For food, choose foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, sardines, mackerel. You can also consume antioxidant foods such as oysters, rich in zinc, raspberries, pecans, apple, artichoke, and prune. In terms of aromatics, you can include turmeric or thyme in your diet.

Fill uplow sperm volume on vitamins E (rapeseed, walnut, or hazelnut oil), vitamin C (citrus fruits, kiwi), vitamin D (fish and shellfish), and vitamin B9 (spinach, cabbage). Exercise regularly, two to three per week for 1 hour; drink plenty of water and get healthy, restful sleep. It is also necessary to evacuate the stress (you can do meditation sessions for this purpose). And finally, avoid what affects the quality of the sperm: alcohol and tobacco mainly.

How to Get More Sperm Naturally?

  1. Drink water regularly;
  2. Avoid the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs;
  3. Eat a balanced diet based on vegetables or fruits with a high concentration of water;
  4. Take advantage of the sun to stimulate the secretions of testosterone;
  5. Take advantage of forests or seashores to get away from endocrine disruptors;
  6. Play sports regularly;
  7. Avoid excess weight;
  8. Reduce sources of stress;
  9. The quality of sleep;
  10. Herbal remedies based on zinc or Tribulus Terrestris

How to Increase the Quantity of Sperm?

It is necessarysperm best diet to hydrate regularly, have a healthy lifestyle, monitor your testosterone level if the quantity of sperm seems to be decreasing, etc. Indeed, we know that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone: it conditions all our sexuality, including the production of sperm.

A low testosterone level can therefore decrease sperm production. Finally, anything that disturbs the body can affect sex life, including the production of semen. So, avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, do not eat too much fat, stay away from endocrine disruptors as much as possible. Talk to a sex therapist for more advice.

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