Porn in the 21st Century

Pornography has been around since our ancestors. It is, as we may say, centuries old. Though it is impossible to really track the definite point in time when porn started. There are pieces of evidence such as sculptures and paintings–which are considered as the old-fashioned way of a photograph–that portray pornography in which there would be a man and a woman, bare naked, having sex. These ancient data show how much porn has revolved around the world ever since.

ancientIn the modern era, porn has been shown in many different ways, from printed media such as magazines to 3-dimensional videos we call now as virtual reality. It has evolved a thousand times ever since it started.

There are a lot of different types of porn already available for the public, especially those who patronize the said media. They can easily be downloaded by anyone who knows any pornographic site accessible on the internet. The Pornography industry has been circulating in the whole world. Different nations started to have their versions of porn, such as Xvideos, Japanese porn, etc.

Pornographic websites have been making sure that their customers are satisfied by their service. They have been categorizing adult videos to fit in their consumer’s needs.

Some categories are:
1. Incest porn – actors create scenarios based on incest where they are related to each other.
2. Asian porn– actors are of Asian descent. Japan has been very open when it comes to adult videos as long as their regulations must be followed.girls
3. Lesbian porn– it is where two women do intimate activities. This category has multiple subcategories under it.
4. Hentai– literally translates as a work of anime or manga. It is a type of cartoon porn that was started by the Japanese. It usually depicts Anime characters that act sexually.
5. Virtual reality– the latest addition to porn categories. As the category says, it is a computer-generated simulation that shows viewers the media as 3-dimensional.
The list then goes on and on.

Nowadays, porn has started to become a norm. People talk about it as if it was not condemned a sinful act or media. In fact, some studies show the benefits of watching adult videos to our health. In spite of rumors saying that it is not healthy for our brain, studies say otherwise unless it becomes excessive. They say it also helps build stronger relationships nowadays, at least for some.