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How to Make Your Sex Life More Exciting

After a while, especially in long-term relationships, sex can begin to feel like a routine. The more predictable it becomes, the less exciting it is. To help with this issue, one can try something different, like watching cam girls or sex scenes online with their partner, among other things. You can go to this website for a review on Live Jasmin cam girl. Dissatisfaction is pretty normal since we create patterns quite easily after doing something the same way for too long. If you have found yourself in this situation or you want to bring your bedroom back to life, here is how you can spice things up with your partner.

Break the Routine

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The smallest changes often have the greatest effect. If you and your partner have sex at a particular time, then change the routine. Have sex elsewhere other than the bedroom, surprise one another and explore each other’s fantasies in ways you have never before. Be spontaneous and do things out the blue; bring back the lingerie!

Switch Things Up

Try new positions, and don’t be afraid to do so. You could put a hold on the normal activities for a certain period, and both agree to try new positions. Add a few thrills that make you anticipate sex with one another. You don’t even have to rely on sex guides and manuals. You have the option to talk to each other, be adventurous, and come up with new positions to try.

Set the Mood

When was the last time you had a romantic evening? Get out the scented candles, the lingerie, dim the lights and have some wine together. Do something extra to set the scene and get you in the mood for some action. You could even play sexy games together. Be creative and turn the usual games into sex games.

Take Things Slow

When sex becomes a routine and hasty, the connection starts to diminish. Take time with each other to communicate and explore each other. Build the anticipation rather than just jumping into it. Focus on the sensations, the moment, and the connection. You would be surprised how taking it slow can make sex better.

Build Some Anticipation

Give him a peep show right before the dinner date. You will both be thinking about it all night and just anticipating getting home for some action. Leave each other sexy signals only you know, like love notes in her purse or his pocket. The thought of your partner finding it already makes you look forward to having sex.

It is possible to have a better sex life, and that leads to a better relationship. You have to be willing, ready, and excited to do stuff out of the norm. These tips will get you started.


Four Key Benefits of Sex

Sex is a very great thing that ever happened to human beings and even animals. The pleasure that is experienced during sex can be expressed in neither oral nor written form. Sex is proved to have more benefits for us other than just bonding and excitement.

Having sex regularly or at least once after two days is very beneficial to your body and overall healthy living. Some of the great benefits of having regular sex for both men and women include; relieving stress, burning calories and having a soothing and satisfying sleep. Below is a comprehensive explanation on some of the most important benefits of sex for grownups.

Relieves pain

You would be surprised to know that sex is a great way to get relief from pain. When a person is about to experience an orgasm, oxytocin levels rise by about five times in the body which helps in releasing endorphins which are helpful in alleviating pain. Headaches, PMS symptoms, and arthritis pain reduce greatly after a good sex session.

Longer life

This is one of the most important benefits of sex. Satisfying sex or an orgasm releases DHEA in the body which releases tension and enhances immunity levels. It also helps in repairing damaged tissue as well as improves skin health. A study conducted in the UK suggests that men who have at least two orgasms in a week live longer than the ones who do not indulge in sex at all or only do it once in one month.

Reduces stress

A satisfying sexual encounter is a great mood elevator. Most reports have been verified that people who regularly indulge in sexual activities are happier, at ease with them and are better prepared to face any type of stress levels. When you reach an orgasm, oxytocin levels increase in the body which acts as a tension relief agent. Oxytocin also, aids in building a strong emotional bond with your partner. This is the reason why you normally feel an attachment to a person that you have had good sex with.

Enhances Immunity Levels

Having a great sexual intercourse twice or thrice in one week helps to boost your immunity levels. Sexual intercourse enhances your immunity levels because the act increases the levels of immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin is basically an immunity-boosting antibody that is harnessed by having regular sex with your lovely partner.

Therefore, those people who are sexually active tend to suffer less from conditions like flu and cold because their body is ready to fight any infection that may come up. However, do not think that sex prevents STIs. Make sure you use protection when having sex with a person who you may not know his or her status.


Spicing up sex life

Years of together making relationship trickier to maintain. Sex that used to be fiery now has become a routine, or worse, none at all. To some people, it does not need to take years; boredom may come just in months.

Improvise! The one most important word when it deals with the bedroom.

Meddling with toys

Sex-toys may seem like unimportant trinkets. But a surprise with a buttplug during the intercourse, or perhaps as early as doing the foreplay, already gives a different sensation to you and your partner.

ggg1617But always get a hint of his/her permission before the action. Using sex toys can be either a good idea or bad idea. Acknowledge that some people are not comfortable to use foreign objects during the moment as intimate as making love. Seeing how your partner responds to the idea does not eliminate the element of surprise. If he/she shows excitement, you can just keep the time as secret.

There are varieties of sex toys available in the market, for both men and women. If you are a woman, do not assume that your man will not or cannot enjoy penetrative sex-play. Male’s G-spot is in his back door, near the prostate. If you know your man is going to be okay with the innovative idea, try using a vibrator on his G-spot, while you are serving him orally.

Doing it somewhere exciting

dsd44Maybe it’s not the way you make love with your partner that has turned your sex life rigid; perhaps you just need a new place. When was the last time you had sex, not in your bedroom? When was the last time you had that romantic moment, like the one during the honeymoon in the Bahamas? Having sex in a new place can give you and your partner excitement.

Try to plan a trip to somewhere you and your partner consider exotic. The tropics may do, cruise ships may do, or if you want to get isolated with just your partner, renting a lodge at a mountain during winter will work thing out.

Or, maybe you and your partner need a challenge. There is this morbid yet naughty and very sexy idea of doing sex in public. Ask for your partner’s consent first, then look for a safe place to do it. There are services, like Sydney Dogging or others, offering the information. The fear of getting caught, and doing it outside gives thrill like no other.


66yhhRole-play can be your thing to spice up your sex life. Cosplay, or dominatrix-slave, is worth trying. For cosplaying, just remember what the latest movies or fictional character that your partner talks about enthusiastically. Especially, the character of the opposite sex. And then you can dress up accordingly.

For dominatrix-slave, remember to have the ‘safe-word’ for every action. Inflicting kinky pain might make the situation more arousing and naughty, like using the candle-drops, whip, handcuffs, and other tools you can imagine. But again, establish a limit, and make sure you and your partner know when to stop in this role-play. Otherwise, you both may end up injured.