Sex education goes beyond just knowing where babies come from. To this day, the act of sex is often viewed as taboo, and something to be ashamed about. It is important for sex education to dispel these beliefs. This is why, adults too, need to undergo sex education.

What is sex education?

qwe4rtwr4253There are various aspects of sex to learn about: psychological, physiological and sociological. It is important to cover all these bases and learn about sexual orientation, intimacy, values, decision making, dating, relationships, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), birth control and much more.

It can be observed that the customary school sex education merely covers certain aspects of birth control and not much else. A lot of important information is glossed over. For instance, abstinence is often preached as the means of birth control. Instead, it is important to educate people about family planning and good decision making.

Why is sex education important for adults?

The reason sex education is important for adults is that it helps create a judgment-free environment for learning. Topics such as LGBTIQ+ relationships and intolerance towards these groups must be discussed out in the open to create a healthier society.

Another aspect of sex that needs serious discussion is consent. Adults too must learn the meaning of consent, and that it is okay to say no. Cases of marital rape may be brought to light and trauma counseling may be provided. Rape and victim blaming must also be extensively discussed, and people must be taught not to rape instead of not to get raped.

Female pleasure and the sex-positive approach

Female sexual pleasure is another taboo subject. A woman who tries to pursue her sexual pleasure is viewed as a “slut.” Masturbation and its possible benefits are not even touched upon. It is important that people learn that sex is not something negative or shameful. Only by drawing people out can we develop a healthy environment for discussion on these issues. It is also important to understand sexual violence and abuse to understand pleasurable sex.

Topics to be tackled in adult sex education

Apart from being open to sex with pleasure instead of sex for conception, and issues like sexual identity, which, one would say, is equally important for youngsters, many topics must be touched upon for adults specifically. For instance, how does one juggle having a sex life after becoming a parent? Or even, about how to come to better terms with sexuality after losing a breast to breast cancer, or a testicle to testicular cancer.

Adults must be educated about sensitive issues like erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Even fetishes may be discussed, and people must be taught to embrace them as a part of their personality as long as it doesn’t harm another being or bring harm to themselves.

All in all, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about sex, and all of this needs to be dispelled. If people can consult experts for guidance about every aspect of their lives from nutrition to finance, why not keep an open mind towards learning about sex too!